Masizahke Pre-School:  In 2017 Gary's Fund provided the funding for the construction of a new classroom building and other facilities for this large and overcrowded preschool.  This school had been declared a fire hazard and unsafe by Fire, Health and Safety Departments and was in desperate need of assistance.

2018: The project has been completed and  includes a new two-classroom building with a covered, concrete slab play area, completely restored restrooms, and kitchen. The school is now up to government standards.

2019: Gary's Fund provided funds for teacher training for two teachers. The 96 students are delighted with their new classrooms.



Ncedulunthu EducareIn 2013, Gary's Fund provided the funding to conduct a major rehabilitation of Ncedulunthu Educare Pre-School in the Western Cape region of South Africa. 


2014 - We provided additional funding to purchase essential supplies, educational materials and to fund teacher training for the head teacher and her assistant. 

2019 - Gary's Fund provided funding for facility improvements, teacher training, chairs and new mattresses. 



The cost of each of our projects is roughly equivalent to the average price of a full bathroom remodel in the United States.


With an average commitment of about $15,000 per project we have constructed two, two-classroom buildings at our school in Kenya, completely transformed a pre-school in Mfuleni Township South Africa, funded the construction of two-classroom schools in New Crossroads Township, South Africa and in Ghana, and provided training for many of our teachers.  We look forward to launching our new project in Sisit, Kenya in 2020.


Our goal is to help in the most cost effective way possible while minimizing overhead and administrative costs.

In addition to the school construction projects we provide some ongoing support to each of our schools. Examples of this support are the purchase of desks, educational materials, teacher training and building repairs.




First Project: The Nkasoiki School is located in a remote, rural community in Kenya. Our original school building was constructed there in March 2007. This new building replaced a decaying mud hut and mabati structure, which had previously provided the only classroom space for the area's pre-school/kindergarten students. The school has been fully operational since the completion of the project.


Second Project: The Nkasioki School experienced enormous growth in the student population during its' first seven years. After providing funding for a small temporary structure in 2010, in 2014, we funded construction of a second, two-classroom building to accommodate this growth. The project was completed in spring 2015.

2016 - The county government funded and constructed an additional classroom building.  This building was promised by the government as a match to the project completed by Gary's Fund in 2015.  

2017 -  Gary's Fund provided funding for the purchase of locally produced desks to accommodate 120 students at the school.

2019 - Today Nkasioki has 4 government and 2 community provided teachers and is a full-fledged primary school with at least 182 students. 



In 2014, Gary's Fund provided the funding to construct a two-classroom kindergarten in the village of Gomoa Akroful. Construction was completed on the Aboso Benso D/A School in late spring 2015 and the school is fully operational.


2019- The school has 4 teachers and 70 students. The school utilized funds we provided to paint and plaster the  building and to complete the administrative and storage space. 

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