Gary's Fund

The Gary Moser Memorial Fund for Africa (Gary's Fund) was established in 2004 with generous donations from family, friends and co-workers. It was created to honor Gary and his passionate professional and personal commitment to development work in Africa.


Our Goal

The mission of Gary's Fund is to provide the funding for the construction and/or rehabilitation of small schools, teacher training, and other small scale development projects in under served communities in Africa. It is our goal to help improve the quality of life and increase opportunities for future success for some of our world's most vulnerable people. 


Target Beneficiaries

We are focused on providing support to pre-school and kindergarten programs. When the youngest children in impoverished communities have access to a safe and healthy educational environment and are instructed by trained teachers the entire community benefits immeasurably.

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We are thrilled to announce the completion of our largest project to date, a three classroom pre-school in the Kenyan Highlands which will begin serving 80-90 young children as soon as schools are allowed to re-open in January.   



See the project page for more details!

Project Updates 2020

COVID Assistance Relief:  Gary's Fund is providing significant support to our schools in Kenya and South Africa in 2021 for the full year. Please see details on the Project Pages.



Nkasioki School has grown into a full primary school with 211 students, 8 teachers, 7 classes plus two kindergarten classes. In 2007 this school was our first project, beginning as a two-classroom pre-school for 45 children.



Aboso Benso Primary D/A currently has 4 teachers and about 70 students. Last year we provided funding to plaster and paint the school building which was completed promptly.  


South Africa:

Ncedulunthu Educare is thriving with 66 children. Gary's Fund recently provided funding for teacher training, facility improvements, educational materials, new chairs and mattresses.

Masizakhe Pre-School's 96 students and teachers are delighted with the completion of our two-classroom project in 2018. This fall we funded teacher training and the purchase of new educational materials..