2019- AN UPDATE:

Gary's Fund provided just under $6,000 for teacher training for two teachers, the tiling of the two classroom floors, educational materials and toys, children's chairs and new mattresses.  We are delighted to continue providing ongoing support to this wonderful school.


2017 - AN UPDATE:  

Ncedulunthu Educare continues to thrive three years after Gary's Fund provided funding for an extensive rehabilitation, teacher training and complete set of educational materials. No longer waiting up to an hour outside in line to use the single toilet and no longer sharing just one washbasin, the dozens of tiny students and their teachers are now happy and safe at their school.  As a direct result of our project, Ncedulunthu Educare has gained approval from the Department of Fire and Rescue Service, an important step towards becoming eligible for government subsidies.  According to our partner in South Africa, Ikamva Labantu, "Mama Nozukhile continues to be a champion in her community, giving the children in her care all the loving care that they need. She is busy in her pre-school working directly with the children."  

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Tending to these students while barely able to cover the costs required to run the school, Mama Nozukile was in desperate need of assistance.


Working with our partner, Ikamva Labantu, a community forum selected Mama Nozukile as the recipient of our project in recognition of her dedication and commitment to her school.




Prior to the implementation of our project in 2013, the Ncedulunthu Educare Pre-School consisted of a tiny shack which was added on to the back of the teacher's small home. With great dedication and commitment, Mama Nozukile and her two assistants spent their days caring for 80 young children under the school's sagging, leaking, tin roof. The children shared one washbasin, and waited up to an hour in line to use the single toilet.



In the Fall of 2013 Gary's Fund agreed to a proposal made by our partner organization in South Africa for the rehabilitation and construction of the Ncedulunthu Educare Pre-School. 


Gary's Fund made a donation of $8,600  to cover the total cost of the construction phase of the rehabilitation project.


The project included:


  • A sturdy, new, weatherproof roof, ceiling and gutter system

  • A new, additional latrine

  • Two new, additional wash basins

  • New doors and exterior concrete foundations to provide a play space and safe waiting space for the latrines

  • A new roof to provide a sheltered play area and waiting space for the latrines



In the Spring of 2014 Gary's Fund made a donation of $6,100 to provide funding for:


  • A year of formal teacher training for Mama Nozukhile and an assistant so that they would be better able to work effectively with the children, assist in their development, and provide them with a productive learning environment.

  • 60 new mattresses and blankets

  • Fire extinquishers

  • A complete set of educational materials and toys

  • Additional supplies




The project's goal was to bring the pre-school up to and beyond the minimum standards required for the school to be registered with a local government agency in order to become eligible to receive government subsidies.Today Ncedulunthu Educare exceeds the minimum standards required to register as a government school. The 80 children and their three teachers now spend their days in a dramatically improved, safe and hygenic learning environment which greatly increases their chances for educational success. Mama Nozukile has been described by our partner, as "one of the many unsung heroes of South Africa who work quietly on the ground to uplift their communities by giving the children a better start in life." 


According to our partner Ikamva Labantu, Mama Nozukile and her assistant "are both doing very well and we are seeing great improvements in the level of childcare and implementation of learning programmes in their classroom. Ncedulunthu surely is one of the model pre-schools in Mfuleni community. As you know, they have so little and are barely able to cover the running costs, so the extra boost with (the Early Childhood Development) resources (are) most valuable. Thank you for making this all happen!"


All photos provided by Ikamva Labantu and the Moser Family.



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